Totally Blown is a conceptual clothing company that distresses clothing using the shotgun. The shotgun is used to create beautiful and complex clothing that blurs the boundaries between contemporary art and contemporary fashion. This unique approach creates one of a kind objects that are both utilitarian, thought provoking, and of a subject that is needing to be addressed. The goal of TOTALLY BLOWN is to get the concepts of guns use and gun violence in front of people by wearing TOTALLY BLOWN clothing and thereby offer up an article for discussion. This encourages healthy public and private dialogue about gun use and gun violence so that people eventually stop talking about it and do something instead. 


TOTALLYBLOWN.US was chosen because all of US are TOTALLY BLOWN by default.


We have been blown apart as a society and a planet. We have been blown apart by our borders and governments and wars. We have been blown apart by environmental degradation, famine, poverty, racism and gun violence. And on a psychological level, in attempts to escape it all, we have TOTALLY BLOWN our minds with drugs and vices to cope with it all.


Yes, TOTALLY BLOWN makes awesome clothing!! But that's not just the the point. TOTALLY BLOWN is on the battlefront of fashion and addressing what matters. We are energizing a new way of looking at the world. One that's based on the harsh reality of facts. We stand for change, complexity, individuality, and self expression. We are here to make something useful that reflects the times, that reflects the entanglement and destruction that corrupts our lives no matter what we believe in and where we live. But hey, almost everyone is wearing clothing these days, so TOTALLY BLOWN makes use of this fact and utilizes the shotgun technique to not only address the concepts, but also create something that in some way creates the possibility of helping to make the world a safer and more peaceful place.


So, no one is perfect, and our world certainly is not perfect either. So why should our clothes be? Why should we dress like robots? Sometimes it seems like that is what society wants…robots! Predictable, simple, manipulatable, boring! Well, TOTALLY BLOWN has had enough of that! We want to be human! We want to wear clothes that reflect our humanity, our individuality, our weaknesses, our strengths, and our complexity.


We have been ripped to shreds by greed and corruption and we are not going to lie about it- we are going to embrace it. All of our hardships, our troubles, our failures- we are not going to hide them away with lies of perfection. No! We are going to put the pieces back together, one stitch at a time, until we are so much a whole that we even start to become one.


With our honesty in heart, in mind, in appearance, and in action...we will move forward in brave new ways, and blast apart the systems, structures, walls and borders that divide us! To be whole once more, as a people, as a planet, as individuals, as an infinitely complex and interconnected universe...this is the TOTALLY BLOWN mission!


We may seem to be going about it in a seemingly backwards way, by blowing things apart...but these are backward times…that call for drastic measure, processes, and concepts to overcome them. We are not here just to represent a clothing company, but a revolution! A new way of thinking and looking that is based on reality...not on the manipulations of corporate lies and greed. We hope you will join us...and thank you for your support. We are TOTALLY BLOWN...because we are all...



Now do something about it :)