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Totally Blown members aiming to distress their clothing

TOTALLY BLOWN is a conceptual clothing company that distresses products with shotguns! The business is owned by Sarah Harris and Cody Montgomery and was founded in 2013. Cody came up with the concept after a mouse chewed holes in his Tshirt. What once was a boring plan shirt suddenly became Cody's new favourite piece. He was fascinated with this fact and started pondering new ways to put wholes in clothing without getting more mice in his cabin...and one day it clicked. Quite literally!


Years later, we are now pushing the limits of fashion combined with conceptual art to present 100% original objects that are utilitarian, beautiful, and thought provoking. Through our work we are encouraging people to think critally, see complicated issues from multiple perspectives, and how they relate to the bigger picture. We've created a simple logo with a + and - symbol inside a circle to encourage that concept beyond linguistic boundaries. We believe in unity. In coming together as a people of one. 


At the same time, TOTALLY BLOWN is sourcing and producing right here in the USA! We also distress, dye, bleach, sew, and alter everything by hand and hire friends in our local community of Joshua Tree to help us along the way. It's a lot of work...fighting a war (so to speak) against an army of clothing. But it is an endevour that is so much more rewarding than just making something that looks cool. At Totally Blown we are challenging conventions...and that's what keeps us going!


TOTALLY BLOWN was founded in 2013 after Sarah and Cody met and fell in love and decided to throw away their conventional lives in the city and follow their dreams to own and operate TOTALLY BLOWN. They moved out to the desert frontier town of Joshua Tree, California in search of inspiration, space, and fewer distractions. TOTALLY BLOWN took off like a rocket in it's first year and produced and sold close to 3,000 one of kind items. 


Thanks so much for your support, feedback, questions, ideas, etc. Let us know if there is something you would like

Specially Blown. We do custom orders.

  • We also sell Wholesale.

  • So tell your friends!


  •  And quit your jobs and follow your dreams!




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